2-yr-old boy found dead with body parts removed



A 2-year-old boy has been found dead in a river at Apisikooko, a suburb of Obuasi with missing body parts.


Queen Mother of the area, Nana Akosua Pomaa told Adom News’ Isaac K. Normanyo that the child got missing on Saturday at a funeral ceremony in the town, having traveled with the mother to the town.


A search was mounted in the town but proved futile after several hours until the body was found Tuesday morning with body parts missing.


“There was a funeral here on Saturday and we were later told that she left the baby there. So we heard that this boy was missing and was announced at various radio stations”, he said.


“We joined the search team only to find the boy in a pool of blood with his parts missing and we believe he is going be used for rituals,” he added.


She said the police have begun investigations into the matter.



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