Our souls do not die when our bodies perish and it merely transitions from one life to another. It is believed in different cultures that our souls are actually reborn and we undergo rebirths when our souls return to the mortal world. According to legends, there are some subtle signs that indicate a rebirth and if you feel them then your soul may have been reborn too.

#1 Extremely powerful intuition

Do you feel, at times, that you know something is about to happen even before it does? Do you have this ‘gut feeling’ that something may not be right and you often end up being right about such feelings? Do you feel connected to people at a level where you can almost feel their thoughts?

If you do, then chances are that your soul has already inhabited this Earth. The intuition you feel is the result of your soul understanding the world much better than you could and it is one of the strongest indicators that your soul has been through much before being born again, in you.

#2 High frequency of deja-vu experiences
Does it feel like you have seen something happen before, even though you cannot figure out when? Does it feel, at times, that you have been in a place, had an experience, or heard something before but you can never explain how and when, nor can you place them?

If yes, then there’s an extremely good chance that your soul is not new to the world. The soul is an entity which is not bound by time and space and it can see and experience things which you may not understand. A high frequency of deja-vu experiences is a good indicator of a soul which has been here and seen this.

#3 Extremely sensitive nature

Do you feel pain when you see others getting hurt? Can you sense their pain within yourself? Are you able to put yourself in other people’s shoes and look at the world from their point of view? Do you have a high degree of empathy?
If yes, then your soul may have been in this world before. It is believed that the souls which can feel empathy have been through the experience before and that is why they can connect with others at a deeper level. And your soul may have reincarnated with the purpose of helping those who may be in desperate need.

#4 The feeling of not belonging
Do you feel quite alone even when you are in a crowd? Do you feel that you connect with others but others may not connect with you at the same level? Do you often feel that you do not belong here, no matter where you are or with whom?

If yes, then your soul is actually giving you signs of being reborn. Your soul was not supposed to belong to this world but in the world beyond, and the frequent feeling of not belonging is a definite indicator of your soul wishing for its proper place.

#5 Overwhelming fear
While we may all have fears, some of us are so afraid of some things that the fear can be quite crippling. Some of us may be so overwhelmed by certain fears that we cannot think, act, or move and our fear may take over our personalities as well.

It is believed that souls develop a fear of things which caused its demise in the previous birth. Drowning, for example, may induce a great fear of water bodies in the soul with the result that it may still be scared to death even at the mention of such a thing.

#6 Memories of past life

One of the strongest indicators of a rebirth is the glimpse one gets of the previous lives. It may be a vision which may suddenly flash before your eyes or it may be through a vivid dream which you just can’t shake off.

The souls which have lived before, often carry memories of previous lives with them and there are times when you get to see their memories in dreams or visions. If you see such a thing and simply cannot place them then there is a good chance that your previous life has been viewed by you.

#7 The desire for deep conversations

Reborn souls are wise, kind, and understanding, by nature. They are powerful entities which are not interested in the trivial and the superficial aspects of life and all they wish for is depth in deed and in conversation.

If you are someone who despises small talks, materialistic things, and shallow affairs and your heart yearn for something deeper and more meaningful then you may have a soul which has been to the beyond and is back and born within you.

#8 An urge to visit distant places

The souls desire to be somewhere else, to be away from the mundane life, to travel places and to be lost are some of the strongest indications that your soul has been born again. It does not wish to be tamed and trapped and hence the desire of visiting distant places is your soul’s way of revealing its surreal rebirth.


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