PHOTO: JHS student’s love letter to his beautiful teacher leaked online





A teacher has revealed how her student wrote a letter to her, confessing his love for her.


According to the student, he cannot focus on lectures anytime his tutor, identified on Facebook as Chioma U. Jane, stands in front of the class to teach.



The letter as written by the student to her teacher

The teacher disclosed that she had the shock of her life when she opened a letter placed on her table, only to read the romantic words addressed to her by no other person than her own student.


Chioma who teaches at a secondary school in Nnewi, Anambra, closed for the day and was clearing her desk when she found the boldly written letter in which the student expressed his love for her and how beautiful he finds her.



JHS student’s love letter to his beautiful teacher leaked online

The surprised teacher shared the letter on social media.


The full love letter read:


“Aunty Chioma,


“These might sounds strange to you but I mean every word from the first time I saw you in school, it was if my brain cell stopped working.


“Each time I see you it will be as if smoke is coming out of my eyes. Your beauty is killing me seriously, although am still in secondary school, I have plans on becoming a rich man.


“I know you will say ama a small boy, but let me tell you when you are in love, age does not matter.


“I am becoming very useless all because I keep thinking about you each time I close my eyes, I see your picture. Please consider my request and make me useful for once.


“Yours in love


“Pin code.”


It is quite unclear if the student was motivated by the France’s President, Emmanuel Macron who fell in love with his teacher, Brigitte Macron, 25-years older than him, and married her against all odds.



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