Afia Schwarzenegger Rejoins The Unemployed Association Of Ghana

Over the years Afia Schwarzegger has spent a lot of time in the public eye and despite having no talent, a gutter mouth and being a chronic weed smoker she inexplicably keeps landing new jobs with media houses unwilling to learn from her past.

The one talent we do know Afia Schwar possesses is losing jobs and to nobody’s surprise she seems to have done so again.

As we reported last night, TV Africa is going under as cash is tight at the company and workers have not been paid in a while.

Afia Schwarzenegger’s show, ‘Political Police’, airs on the channel and would be taken off air alongside all other programming except news.

This means Afia is essentially without a job once again, after previous employments with the EIB Network and the Despite Group, among others, all crashed and burned.




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