If you think you’re bad at sex then this story will surely make you feel better! While lack of sexual education is still a big concern in some places, most people nowadays are already aware of what they need to know to stay safe during the moments of passion.

One young couple from China, however, had no idea why they couldn’t make a baby for four years despite the reason being quite straightforward.

The 26-year-old husband and his 24-year-old wife were puzzled with lack of success in conceiving and wondered what they were doing wrong until they visited a doctor in Bijie, China.

Discussing their medical history, obstetrician Liu Hongmei asked the couple about their sex life. The wife explained that they had been having sex regularly due to the pressure of their families to make a baby.

Additionally, the woman also explained that the intercourse was very painful for her, causing the doctor to assume she could suffer from a gynecological disease.

After a closer inspection, however, Dr. Hongmei discovered that the couple never had vaginal sex. That’s right, they had been solely practicing anal intercourse for four years of their marriage.

Dr. Liu, who found out that she could “fit three fingers inside” the woman’s anus, said:

“Four years of marriage and neither the husband nor wife knew how to get pregnant. Couples so lacking in general knowledge are very rare.

“But it is not uncommon for people to lack or have misconceptions regarding sexual knowledge.”

After this unconventional discovery, the doctor gave the couple a sex education handbook and told them about the process before sending them away. Fortunately, the lesson worked and the couple is now expecting their first child!

To show their gratitude to the doctor who ‘helped’ them conceive, the lovers rewarded her with a live hen and 100 eggs.

Meanwhile, their story caught wind on social media where people were amazed, as well as confused, by the couple’s four-year-long ordeal.

“This is why sex education is so important. Stay in school kids!!” one commenter wrote.

“What a pain in the ass,” another one sympathized.

According to CNN, there are plenty of schools in China that avoid teaching sex education, leaving as much as 22% of children clueless about sex.

As Jing Jun, a sociology professor at Tsinghua University in Beijing, explained:

“Sex education faces great challenges in China,

“At Tsinghua, students take sex education classes where they learn basic knowledge about sex safety, condom use, etc. As far as I know, this is the first time most of my students have ever taken such a class.”


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