If Kyeiwaa Is Not Washing Dishes And ‘Selling Kenkey’ In The US; Then What Is She Doing?

A few days ago, we were feeding on Kumawood actress Rose Mensah otherwise known as Kyeiwaa on the back of a statement made by the host of Adom Tv’s Morning Show dubbed Badwam Nana Yaa Brefo said on the show.According to the host who was having a one on one interview with Kumawood actor Papa Kumasi on the financial state of the Kumawood industry, Kyeiwaa sold kenkey and ‘washed dishes’ in the US to make a living and if indeed the industry was doing that well, she cannot fathom why the actress would resort to that.

According to Yaa Brefo, she never said Kyeiwaa is a dishwasher because she has a lot of respect for the actress and would never use such words on her. She says she is a professional journalist and knows all that goes into journalism and the public just misquoted her.

“I didn’t call Kyeiwaa a dishwasher. I never used that word on my show. I respect Kyeiwaa a lot and using such cold words isn’t part of me… I studied at GIJ and have been in the industry for years so I have enough experience when it comes to respecting people…”



  1. Ghana you talk too much, so she shouldn’t work for survival? Or she should steal to earn living? Sometimes we should understand certain things. .


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