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Basically, some girls are apprehensive in indulging penis-in-vagina sekx because they see virginity as the best gift they can ever give to their husbands on the first night of their union. Others are also hesitant to sekx because, to them their virginity is the foundation of the trust their families have in them hence they feel they can’t betray this trust. The above reasons among other factors motivate them to quote their favorite lines – “sex after marriage”, anytime they decide to be in relationship.

According to a high percentage of girls who have already lost their virginity, engaging in penis-in-vagina sekx for the very first time is not easy at all, even when you consent to do it with your partner out of love. This makes it extremely painful and heartbreaking when someone you don’t love forcefully or through other means (eg assisted drug) takes this glory from you.

The effect of such situation could have long term physical and psychological effects on the victim. The common psychological effects may include; feelings of severe anxiety and stress, memories of the incident as if it is taking place again, distrust and extreme hatred towards opposite sex.

This is exactly the case of 19 year old Mirabel(pseudonym) who has now developed unending hatred for guys after her friend locked her up in a room and had aggressive anal and vaginal sex with her for several hours against her will four years ago.

Narrating her ordeal to, Mirable said her big sister had a male best friend who eventually became her friend too due to his regular visit to their house. As soon as they became friends, Brown (pseudonym) requested they should date but she turned down the request, however, they were still close friends and never thought that, handsome and innocent looking Brown harbors such a devilish plan in his heart.

On that fateful day, Brown told her to accompany him to his friend’s house which she did. Few minutes after they entered the guy’s room, he (Brown’s friend) went out under pretense of going to get them a drink.

Now, it was just her and Brown in the room but she was not worried so much because it was not the first time of her being alone in a room with him. Oh yes! She was yet to be disappointed.

After having a short conversation, Brown started displaying pornographic images and videos on his friend’s laptop. Suddenly, she remembered her big sister once told her to run away from any guy who will tell her to watch nude videos with him.

She started feeling uncomfortable around him for the first time and wondered what he was up to.
She wanted to tell Brown to stop the video but she was shy so she turned away from the video and started listening to music on her phone. About 10minutes later, Brown tapped her right shoulder but she was shocked at what she saw when she turned towards his direction.

Brown stood in front of her with his big and hard looking dick hanging. At this point she became fully aware of Brown’s intentions. When she was still contemplating on what to do, he walked up to her and told her to suck his erected dick.

She was startled when she heard that but pretended she didn’t hear anything. She attempted to walk out from the room peacefully but Brown quickly grabbed her, pushed her on the bed and started kissing every part of her body. She managed to escape from him but unfortunately for her, the door was locked. Yea, Brown’s friend locked the door and went away with the keys.

After a long struggle with him, Brown stripped her naked when he realized she was exhausted and could no longer fight back. He covered her mouth with a bed-spread to prevent her screams.

Now all was set and done for him. He forced his manhood into her small vaginal hole and fucked her for several hours until she started bleeding profusely, but he was neither bothered by that, her tears or apologies. He turned her over and penetrated through her anal as well. When he was fully satisfied, he left her helplessly on the bed and walked out of the room with the spare key he was having in his pocket.

That was how her big sister’s best friend and her friend took her dignity.

“Anytime I remember what he did to me, I feel I should kill him when I get the chance, as well as any guy who proposes to me” she fumed in a strained voice

“The pain was just unbearable so I told my parents about it but he was never arrested. His family paid all my hospital bills and that was all”
She said in a sorrowful voice.

The annoying part of Mirabel story is that, Brown saw her months after the incident and proposed love to her.

“When I completed SHS, he met me and proposed love to me again. Can you just imagine that?” She quizzed in awe.

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