Reading is the key to learning. Read Ghana Foundation, is strongly calling for the creation of reading culture in schools as another academic year begins.

It is very essential if as a country we want to encourage students to become engaged and motivated readers.

Developing a reading culture in schools we know will take some time but it requires the commitment of government, teachers, library staff etc in helping stimulate and reinforce a reading culture within schools and the wider community.

In achieving this dream, it therefore means textbooks and other learning materials should be available to learners in large quantities at all times.

The sad news therefore is that, the increasing textbook theft among pupils and students is compounding the acute books situation in schools over the years and threaten the quality of basic education in our country.

Read Ghana Foundation, as a literacy foundation committed to sweeping away the saying that “if you want to hide something from an African then put it in a book” through canvassing for early childhood literacy skills and love for reading, we think it is important for society – teachers, parents, chiefs, pastors, media and all stakeholders in education to take action against the habit of pupils and students stealing the inadequate books from schools.

We should all understand that, quality education without the right and readily available teaching and learning materials in our educational institutions will be a mirage and impossible achieving.

There is massive shortage of government textbooks for Primary, JHS and SHS in most public schools across the country resulting to most schools having limited textbooks of all the subjects taught at school.

Reading habits are very low among pupils, yet it is said that,”becoming a life time reader is based on developing a very deep love for reading at a tender age”.

While it may be due to laziness on the part of children, it is also because reading materials are limited for them to read as a result of their own bad attitudes.

There are ugly instances of 13 pupils sharing one textbook during reading lessons. How would they concentrate?

We are therefore, appealing to all stakeholders especially parents to talk to their wards and give them strong warnings against stealing government textbooks.

They should not hesitate reporting them to school authorities when caught with government textbooks.

Students have the right to ask permission from teachers to use the textbooks though.

Parents should check their homes and bring all textbooks found having government stamps back to the various schools.

A reading nation is a winning nation. Together, let us shape and build the future of education in Ghana.



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