There’s never a dull moment on social media, the latest being SUPA walk challenge » . The trends have always been numerous some funny, others quite distressing.
A few like the hot water challenge was alarming. Some started and looked fun until people start getting hurt. We saw videos of people getting knocked down by cars as they did the Kiki challenge.
Despite all these, we never seem to tire of these hashtags. These are 7 hashtag challenges/trends that held Ghanaians captivated. Which one was/is your favourite?

SUPA Walk Challenge

This is the newest trending challenge among Ghanaians now. It all started when people began to mimic how Ghana2pac aka SUPA walk off after every freestyle rap. SUPA became an internet sensation overnight and blow to the top when King Sark decided to throw weight behind him. So the next time you want to exit in grand style, try the Supa walk.

Yo Geng!

Yo geng, we writing and posting… bhad, bhad, bhad! How can we forget the cuties that started of this trend? Just like they did, gather your friends around and share a yo-geng greeting to the world.

One Corner Challenge

Patapaa set a frenzy when his hit song “one corner challenge” had everyone looking for a corner to do the dance. To get into the trend, find a spot and twist your waist to the rhythm of the song.

Gringo Challenge

This frenzy started in the SM camp and spread quite » infectiously to us all. Grab your straw hats, an oversized checked shirt, dusty jeans, and boots paired off with a shawl. And for the final bit, turn on the Gringo song and groove with it.

The Kitchen Stool Challenge

Grab a kitchen stool the next time you are expecting a conjugal visit from your partner. Kind courtesy of a Headteacher and his student a new position emerged to compete those featured in Kamasutra. This challenge even went far and beyond to include hike in prices of kitchen stools.

The Abrokwah/Afia Acid Challenge

Understandably being a celebrity is no easy job but that’s the price you pay when you make money off your popularity. Here lies the story of marriage bliss turned sour. But please note that Abrokwah said it was merely water in the bottle. Do not use acid on anyone, it’s a crime!

The Ladder Challenge

Our list wouldn’t have been complete without featuring this old timer, the ladder challenge. A gospel song turned internet crazy is definitely a sure way to win souls.


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