It seems some of these modern day pastors can’t stop being in the media for the wrong reasons. Anytime a pastor is caught in sexual act, I wonder whether they learn such acts from the Holy Book or Kamasutra.

It is an open secret that some Ghanaian pastors are sexually abusing their female church members, both married and singles every now and then behind closed doors but luck eluded this pastor when he was fondling the cute and appealing breast of one young lady believed to be in her twenties whilst they were praying near a river.

In the video you are about to watch, the supposed man of God was on top of his tricks as he grabs a young lady’s breast from behind during a prayer session. He was comfortably pressing, fondling and molesting them until a weed smoker saw him. What happened afterwards is for your eyes only!

Though this video appears to be an acted comedy, we believe our young ladies who see their pastors as saints can tap some lesson from it.

Watch video here


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