A visually impaired unemployed graduate of the University of Ghana, Mr.Amos Atanga Atia has been evicted from his rented room at Madina Zongo Junction in Accra after failing to renew his rent for a year.

Mr. Atia graduated from the University of Ghana in 2016 but has not been able to land on any job for three years now due to his state, has gathered.

After graduating from the University, we understand he did not return to his family at Bongo in the Upper East Region but continued to stay in Madina in a rented room he used to stay during his student days with the hope of getting employed.

Last week, Atia went out only to return and to be greeted with a locked room with a new padlock because his tenure had elapsed and he had no money on him to renew his stay.

Atia’s closer’s friend back in the University Mr. Abraham Nlenkiba revealed to that, way back in 2016, he called Amos several times through mobile phone to alert him on the then ongoing Ghana Education Service limited recruitment exercise so that he could apply but he refused to answer his calls.

When there was time for Nation Builder’s Corps (NABCO) applications he still tried reaching him through phone calls but he would not pick any of those calls either..

He, therefore, decided to visit his residence in Accra and met him in his room and when he asked why he does not answer to his calls, he responded that he had instructions from some spirits who asked him not to answer any incoming calls and that the spirit told him not to return home [Bongo] because if he did he would die.

According to the friend, he visited, the landlord to ascertain his claims where it was revealed that his rent actually expired six months earlier and when he was contacted to renew the rent he refused and would not talk to him.

Worried about the development, the landlord said he reported the matter to the Department of Social welfare at Madina since the man at the centre of the whole issue is a person with a disability.

According to him, when the issue could not be resolved there, it was taken to Court where the court pleaded with the landlord to allow him some additional months.

The landlord complied and allowed him to stay for three more months which elapsed in June this year but he was still reluctant in evicting him because of his condition.

Last week Mr.Atia called his friend to inform him that his room was locked and he could not have access to his belongings but when asked whether he has renewed the rent he replied in the negative and added that he was not employed could not bear the cost.

After being evicted from his home, Atia now stays and depends on a Good Samaritan who is also living in a rented single room in the vicinity with his wife for two weeks now. as part  community report  is seeking the help of the public to locate the family of Atia to support while we are also calling on Social welfare to come to his aid.

For information regarding this issue, the following numbers can be contacted.

Mr.Amos himself: 0242920967

The Good Samaritan: 0249609371

Atia’s friend Abraham: 0541567038


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