As Ghana joins the world today in marking this year’s lnternational Day of the Girl on the theme ” With Her:A Skilled GirlForce”

It is very important to state that, the choice of theme for this year’s celebration is very appropriate and timely because some parents are no longer interested in equipping the girl with skills as compared to the past.

It is very evident based on happenings across the world as far as issues of work is concerned that, today’s generation of girls should be well prepared to enter the world of work with lot of skills.

As it stands now, educated and skilled workers are in great demand hence the need for us as a country to empower the girl child with the adequate skills for future opportunities.

Aside, parents should make it a sacred duty to provide basic needs of the girl child such as making sure, they are well fed, sending them to school to be educated, by buying their educational materials, providing them with clothes, pads,helping them to learn at home etc

They should be concerned about the girl child making sure, they do not go to men to beg for favours especially money.

Parents who give out their girl child to men at a tender age or sending them to men for money should desist from such ugly acts because it destroys the bright future of the girl child.

Some years ago, the proposed place for the girl child was said to be the kitchen,in a man’s house or as a house help.

Only boys could do Science and Maths courses.

It is good to note that, things are now changing gradually but some parents are still not helping matters and making life difficult for the girl child.

Parents should pay serious attention to the girl child by empowering the girl child to come to the realization that, what boys can do they can even do better.

Our community leaders should pay serious attention to empowering the girl child.

Our Hon Women in Parliament, Judges, DCEs etc should make the girl child their friend so as to give them hope to aspire and become like them in the near future.

Parents should make it a point to make sure the girl child is equipped with skills and they should not forget to show them love at all times irrespective of the misbehavior that may be exhibited by them.

They should inculcate the culture of reading in the girl child and stop watching only Television with them as it is the common phenomenon in most Ghanaian homes today.

My sincere salute goes to all women who have over the past years tried in diverse ways through the odds to protect the girl child and equipping the girl child to become responsible citizen in the country.

To you all, l say ayeeko and to the girl child. I say, Happy International Girl Child Day.


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