Father Sakawa Son Expose

The whistle blower father father receiving his reward from the policeAn unidentified Nigerian man has won admiration on social media after he reported his internet fraudster (sakawa) son to authorities.

Rather than be proud of his son overnight wealth, the father decided to hand him over to Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Nigeria’s version of EOCO, over suspicions of fraud.

According to reports, the man’s son identified as Adamu was still in secondary school proudly informed his father on his recent purchase of a house worth N2 million (GHC 27,000).

But instead of celebrating the overnight success, the father went straight to EFCC to report his son who is suspected must be doing something illegal.

When the father asked his son, Adamu how he came about such amount of money, he claimed that he got it through his new phone line, which upon purchase has been giving him several credit alerts.

Investigations by the EFCC Kaduna Zonal office revealed that Adamu withdrew monies in bits from a First Bank account number 3033389599 owned by one Porong Daniel Nash (a farmer in Plateau state) and credited same to different accounts.

Consequently, all accused persons were arrested and recoveries were made to the tune of N939,000 (GHC 12,600).

The father who reported him was rewarded as a whistle-blower.



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