Sex is a taboo subject in Ghana. Aside from eating and breathing there is perhaps no physiological human need which is satisfied more than the one for sex, yet we like to pretend it’s something not to be talked about, but rather shove it into a dark cupboard and never touch it, because talking about it would make you ‘dirty’.

Being willing to openly talk about sex somehow gets conflated to having a lot of sex and therefore to escape judgement, many people prefer not to talk about it at all and thus are left to wallow in ignorance about many aspects of it.

This admittedly is more common with the older generation than the younger, social media generation of today and yet actress Pascaline Edwards, who you might count amongst the former, is refreshingly liberal about the topic of sex.

She appeared on GhOne’s ‘Duvet’ program Friday and she had a lot to say about sex which made a lot of sense.

Edwards first admitted that she met her current boyfriend after a hot one night stand, something many ‘prudish’ Ghanaian ladies might frown at.

Edwards also had some words of advice for ladies, revealing that they have to be interesting in bed, ‘bad’ if necessary – and that trying to be a ‘good’ girl in the bedroom would only lead to a boring sex life and inevitably, being dumped.

“You know, most Ghanaian women are timid in bed. Majority are just boring although they can do magic but for fear that they will be seen as bad in the eyes of their men,” she said.

“They behave timid[ly] when they’re supposed to rock their guys.”
The actress added that another way to help spice up the bedroom is to tell your guy exactly which spots you want fondled.

There is no absolutely no benefit to being timid in the bedroom!


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