In today’s social media age, there is nothing about you that can stay hidden especially when you become a celebrity and that is what Afrobeats singer, Kuami Eugene has faced.

While he was basking in the glow of his songs becoming hits, pictures of him as a Gospel minister started popping up.

Apparently, he had the Eugene Marfo (his real name) Ministries before he joined MTN Hitmaker Season 5 in 2016 (where he was discovered) but he switched to secular music after he was signed on by Lynx Entertainment.

This led to a lot of discussions especially on social media about his Gospel roots and why he had abandoned that path to become a secular singer with some worrying that he had strayed from God.

But the Wish Me Well singer says that is not true.“I have not lost touch with God; I can never lose touch with Him. I have a great connection with God. I still sing in the house of God, I go to church every Sunday when I am in Ghana,” he told Showbiz.

Kuami Eugene also added that he does not worry when people make disparaging comments about him and his relationship with God.

“I am not really bothered when people say my relationship with God is strained. I know myself and I know the relationship I have with God. He is my number one.

“But I have come to understand that some people say things just to feel good about themselves and make others look bad.

“For me, the best thing is to wish each other well or if you have anything to say, just know the truth before you talk,” he said.Kuami Eugene, who for nearly two years has been the toast of music lovers, said people should not be surprised at his achievements within this short time as he has paid his dues.

“I mean people think I just started, I have come a long way. I used to run from school, go to places and learn how to play instruments like the guitar and the keyboard.

“I had to learn how to produce my works myself because the funds were just not there for me to pay a producer, work on my vocals, be trained by a choirmaster etc.

So now, it looks like I just became associated with music but I have worked behind the scenes for a long time, I have done my homework,” Kuami Eugene added.

Continuing he said, “I do songs and people think they’re too matured for a young guy like me but what they do not know is that, I have taken time to listen to great musicians like Awura Ama Badu, J.A Adofo, Knii Lante, Adane Best, Kojo Antwi among others for a long time that when I am in the Highlife mood, it just flows.

“I have been through a process, it didn’t come on a silver platter. I am from the streets so it was tough for me but God has been faithful.”

Kuami Eugene also urged the media to help promote the positive things they do just as they give prominence to their mistakes.

Since being signed on to Lynx Entertainment, Kuami Eugene has released a number of songs including Wish Me Well, Confusion Angela, Hiribaba, Boom Bang Bang, Fadama Boy and Ebeyeyie.



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