After producing for big names like Kwabena Kwabena, Ofori Amponsah, Tinny, KK Fosu and even Nigeria’s 2Face, producer Sede3 says he has little to show for his work.

The producer behind hit songs like Kwabena Kwabena’s ‘Bue Kwan’ and KK Fosu’s ‘6’Oclock’ is not happy that after all the work he had done, he has received little or no appreciation for same.

Sede3, also known as Sidi, revealed in an interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, he hasn’t been paid for more of the hit songs he has produced.

He said, “actually it wasn’t supposed to be for free but I was thinking that they would come back and say okay ‘Kwame this is what you have done for me and this is what I’m supposed to pay you for’ but nobody came back to say back,” to give him anything.

Sede3 explained that, when one starts off as a producer, they are excited about what they do and therefore want people to see their work without looking at the business aspect of it.

“When you start growing up you notice those are the mistakes that you did,” he said.

Asked if he goes into an agreement with the musicians, Sede3 explained that he goes into a two-way agreement with them that either they pay him outright or when the song becomes successful, they then pay him.

“All of these people will agree…trust me when you get the things done, they have hits out of them, they don’t even mention your name. At least if you don’t make money, you even expect to get your name out there which could produce you money but these people don’t even mention your name,” he lamented.

He was quick to add that, “if I [have] a vocal contract with you, it doesn’t mean I don’t have a contract with you,” and therefore I expect the musicians to give him his due.

“From the beginning, we produce for people like this expecting them to at least comeback and say [thank you],” he stressed and added that he believes he needs a music lawyer to handle these issues for him.

Known for co-producing 2Face’s smash hit ‘See Me So’, Sede3 explained that he “didn’t have a contract with [2Face]…” but he got “something small” from producing that song.


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