Kwaw Kese

The celebrity ‘flaunt your car and show how poor or rich you are’ contest is continuing in full flow and the latest contestant is Kwaw ‘Abodam’ Kese.

The ‘man insane’ and Sarkodie and Shatta Wale are those who are playing this juvenile game, trying to prove to each other that they have made more money from music than the other has.

It all started when Shatta Wale slammed both Kwaw and Sark as ‘poor’ artists and that led to Sarkodie releasing ‘My Advice’.

After the launch of the ‘Reign’, Shatta Wale released a brand new ‘Benz’ which he customized ‘Advice 1-18’ in response to Sark’s diss.

Just after that Sarkodie also ‘outdoored’ a new Range Rover to also show his ‘krachi’ powers in the game.

Well, ‘poor’ Kwaw Kese has also decided to join the game but we think he’s not really impressing anyone with the car he’s flaunting.

Both Sark and Shatta went with brand new cars — if you want to brag show us something new as well.

Anyway check out the BMW ride Kwaw is flaunting on social media and his slightly cryptic caption.


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