shares with you five footballers who have pursued higher eduction.

If you are one of those who view footballers as school dropouts, then please think again.

Because a couple of players have completed their degrees in various fields and even furthered into getting a masters to secure their future after retirement.

It is important to note that not all football stars have a bad reputation for neglecting their education and sometimes have nothing to fall back on. shares with you just five of the lot who have acquired higher education;

The Manchester United striker is a naturally gifted multi lingual and the languages he understands includes – English, Spanish, Dutch, French and Portuguese.

The six-foot-plus is also said to understand German and Swahili, as well as hold a degree in tourism and public relations.

2. Frank Lampard

The current Derby County manager is regarded among the most intelligent persons in the world’s population. Lampard is reported to have scored over 150 in an IQ test.

The Manchester United midfielder studied journalism at Universidad Politecnica e Madrid

The Spaniard is also currently studying sports science and has a degree in finance.

3. Simon Mignolet

The Liverpool goalkeeper is a business man who owns a coffee shop in Belgium and something to fall back on after his playing career.

The Belgian international also has a degree in political sciences from the Catholic University of Leuven which could earn him a white-collar job in future.

4. Giorgio Chiellini

The Juventus captain was a brilliant student in high school, passing all of his exams with ease.

The hard-tackling defender went on to graduate with a degree in economics and commerce at the University of Turin.


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