The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Mental Health Authority, Dr. Akwasi Osei, has strongly opposed the legalization of marijuana popularly known as ‘wee’.

He argues the type of wee used in Ghana is highly dangerous compared to the ones abroad.

According to him, 30 percent of the cases at the outpatient department in our mental hospitals are also a result of abuse of drugs including marijuana.

Ten (10) percent of patients admitted at the psychiatric hospital he noted are persons who have abused marijuana and other hard drugs.

He was speaking to Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM on the renewed call by some individuals to have marijuana legalized.

In his view, if we should legalize wee in Ghana, we will not be able to manage the crisis that may face the nation.

Ghana he lamented may record 70 percent of drug related mental illnesses should marijuana be legalized as suggested by some advocates.

Although he admitted there are benefits derived from marijuana, people abuse the drug, he added.

He reiterated that, Ghana may reach a point where 70 percent of mental health cases recorded in the country may be as a result of abuse of marijuana, and so I am against its legalization.

Countries like Uruguay, the United Kingdom and the United States of America have legalize marijuana for its great value to the socio-economic fabric of these countries, Ghana still sees it as an illegal product which when caught, one could face a jail term of 10 years or more.


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