Vote-buying has engulfed the National Democratic Congress Youth and Women Delegates election currently ongoing, has learnt.

Our corespondent on the grounds reports that some delegates and their constituencies are receiving as much as 500 dollars to vote for a particular youth candidate while another candidate shared tricycles to the youth delegates to influence them to vote his way.

Other candidates are also sharing sandals, keyholders, exercise books and papaye specially branded foods.

Some of the delegates who spoke to say they consider today as a blessing. “Today is our cocoa season. We won’t see them again. We have to take what is due us. They have money to share.”

Some delegates said they have been assured the money will not their mobile money accounts before voting gets to their turn.’s correpsondent’s check on Mobile money vendors show they have run out of e-cash due to the high demand.

A delegate who is a constituency youth organizer said he has been informed by his Regional Youth Organizer that “there is something in waiting and it will be sent by Mobile money soon”.

This development is in direct contravention of the caution by the Founder of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Jerry John Rawlings who  said he and others who formed the party used the qualities sacrifice and integrity, warning youth delegates of party as they elect their leaders not to succumb to the influence of money and bribes.

A statement from the former president copied to said “the party was formed through the selfless sacrifices and integrity of gallant young men and women of this country. Women and the youth were the backbone of this history and still remain pivotal in shaping the future and destiny of our country”.

He decried the monetization of Ghana and urged all NDC Youth delegates not to allow their judgment to be bought.

“The Congress and its leadership must protect the integrity of this process and discharge a true sense of leadership by rejecting those who lack genuine commitment and character to lead the party.

Delegates must elect those who understand and appreciate the core principles of good leadership – integrity, patriotism, truth, loyalty, team spirit, accountability and respect for leadership.

TheNewsGH.comis still monitoring.



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