The stage was set, the schools were ready, the auditorium was packed, the microphones were set, the judges were ready as the Luv fm/ARSRC High school debate enterede the semifinals stage.

The first contest saw Tepa Senior High take on Opoku Ware School over the motion “School authorities are to blame for sexual harassment “.

Tepa were strongly assertive that authorities cannot be exonerated from blame as they have their eyes set all levels of the school through class captains, house masters, form masters.

Opoku Ware School debunked that assertion insisting that parents, the society, etc are all to be blamed and school authorities cannot be made scape goats.

In the end Opoku Ware School secured 220 points while Tepa SHS secured 217 points. Opoku Ware thus becomes the first school to book a final ticket. Tepa will compete for 3rd place.


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