Lydia Forson

Yvonne Okoro in a WhatsApp chat has described the facial looks of her colleague actress, Lydia Forson like that of a drug addict ─funny huh!

Actress Yvonne Okoro may have said it jokingly but a second look at Lydia Forson’s no makeup face proves Yvonne Okoro’s description right, Lol…

In a screenshot WhatsApp Chat sighted by on the Instagram page of Lydia Forson, YvonneOkoro commenting on Lydia Forson’s photo status said;

“Fly fly oh my, Eii u can be fine oh”…but on her video status, Yvonne Okoro added, “Wow i see all these great pics then boom there’s a video of u looking like a drg addict..bish bye”.

Lydia Forson replying to Yvonne Okoro said, “f*ck you”.



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