A 53 year old farmer by name Mr. Tawiah Barsare committed suicide after stealing plantains from a neighbour’s farm In the East Akim Municipality of the Eastern region of Ghana.

Speaking to the Press yesterday, the family said, the deceased, Tawiah Barsare told them he was going to farm on the 16th Oct 2018 Tuesday morning to harvest some crops from the farm.

On Wednesday morning one man by name Isaac believed to be 28 years old complained about his plantains been stolen.

According to Isaac,He saw the deceased Tawiah Barsare cutting 2 bunch of plantains from his farm .

According to him he rushed to the house to inform his elderly family members,
And the family members confronted him ( Tawiah Basare) and he admitted that “Yes he has stolen the plantains” and he will pay for the plantains which was valued the cost of Gh300, and after some hours he Kwame Basare was being teased by some the Residence.

According to the family members Mr. Tawiah Basare told them he was going to his Cocoa farm and they believed it was out of shyness and according to them there is a village in the said cocoa farm so they believed he has slept in the village that night,However, the family members realized that, the deceased Tawiah Basare didn’t returned from the village so they instructed the deceased own son to go and check as to why his father has not returned from the village.

They continued that, after some few hours the son came to the house crying and informed them that, the father (Tawiah Basare) has hanged himself on a cocoa tree. So thy quickly informed the Asiakwa police.

According to the police led by Chief inspector Osei Manu of Asiakwa, the information they gathered indicated that,the deceased was found in the cocoa farm hanged on a cocoa tree at 11: 28 am yesterday 18th Oct 2018 .

According to the chief inspector the body has been deposited at the Kibi government hospital for Autopsy. He added that, investigations has begun as to how and why the deceased committed suicide.



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