Reading is the key to learning. As a country all efforts must be channelled towards promoting reading culture among the citizenry especially among basic school pupils.

As it stands now, issues of inability of school pupils to read and understand it at an alarmed state in almost all schools across the country.

Read Ghana Foundation, will in the coming month launch “GET CAUGHT READING” campaign as a national project for all basic schools up to Senior High.

This is because, we are committed to fostering and inspiring the love of reading among children through great initiatives and programs.

One will ask, what is the “GET CAUGHT READING” campaign all about?

It is one of the strategies in inculcating and promoting the culture of reading among learners especially at the basic levels.

What are the steps in implementing this technique? The school will first of all design a form.

On that form, the following information should be contained.

Name of school:


Name of Pupil/Student……………………………………….was caught reading by

Name of Teacher:………………


After designing the form, learners should be briefed about the initiative and the form shown to them.

They should then be told about the start date.

Let’s say, we want to start this initiative in a school beginning of November, it therefore means a draw will be held at the end of November.

So, teachers will go round randomly and any pupil or student “Caught Reading” his or her name will be recorded on the form by the respective teachers accordingly.

So, let’s say in the month of November 40 pupils or students in all were “Caught Reading” in your school.

It therefore means that, all the 40 forms will be put in a box for the draw to be held at a ceremony preferably after Wednesday worship.

Let’s say the school wants to reward 15 pupils out of the 40pupils that were caught reading.

So some teachers will come forward one after the other and some pupils or students should also be part. You should just make sure that, the number of people to do the picking are 15.

The first 15 forms to be picked would be the winners for the month of November.

Prizes should then be given to the winners in the form of interesting story books etc.

Then another one starts for the month of December etc.

For this initiative to work effectively in our various schools across the country, then it means PTA Executives, Old Students, Opinion leaders,politicians, etc should provide the schools with the Prizes for every academic Term.

Teachers reading this statement should do well to brief their colleague staff members about this upcoming initiative by RGF and make sure they sell the idea to parents during PTA meeting in their various schools.

The official launch of this initiative will be done in November at Ho Kpodzi Basic School “A” just after a reading festival they are planning in collaboration with Read Ghana Foundation. We are grateful to the headmistress Mrs Marian Adzroe, Staff and the PTA Executives for accepting to host the program.

We are committed to sweeping away the saying that, if you want to hide something from the Black Man then put it in a book.

A reading nation is a winning nation. Together, we will shape and change the future of education in Ghana.


Mathias Tulasi
CEO/Founder RGF




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