A shocking event happened in Accra yesterday , where a Ghanaian young man shocked the bankers of Unicredit by showing up at the bank with his mattress , pillow and bed sheet to sleep in the banking hall .

According to the young man who is yet to be identified , he saves with UniCredit Apenkwa brranch and has on several times come to withdraw his money but they always tell him ” the service is down”

So yesterday the young man decided to come to the bank’s branch with his mattress and other ‘stuffs’ to sleep in the banking till he gets his money .

The bankers were totally shocked as he came in with his mattress to sleep .

The bankers observed from a distance and did not try to approach him in order to make news out of that .

It could be recalled that in June this year , a policeman assaulted a woman in a bank despite the woman holding a little child in her arm.

Her reason was that she went to the bank ( Midland Savings and Loans )  to withdraw her savings totaling GH ¢ 270 .

The woman’s case was similar to this man’s story and am sure the bank wanted to be out of the news that’s why they probably watched from a distance .

But on a serious note what is happening to our local banks or financial institutions .

Are they not to be trusted anymore ?

Imagine an average Ghanaian saves all his money at a local bank and goes on several times to withdraw and all he gets his “Service is down” .

Quite annoying and disappointing ; the Bank of Ghana and other stakeholders should up their game to avoid similar instances like this because it looks like the local banks is not to be trusted anymore .

Watch video below : 



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