Stonebowy Reveals Why He And Shatta Wale Can Never Become  Friends(VIDEO)

Two prominent household names in Ghana when it comes to dancehall music are Shatta Wale and Stonebowy.

Both artistes have risen and raised the flag of Ghana high in their genre of music for years now. That notwithstanding, both artistes are known to be enthusiastic rivals, something some industry players believe is good for showbiz.

Meanwhile, some fans of both artistes have called on them to make peace and bring out a collaboration.

Many Ghanaians describe Stonebowy, born Livingstone Etse Satekla as the calm type who would often choose to ignore controversies.

His nemesis, Shatta Wale, Born Charles Nii Armah, on the other hand has been described by many as the opposite of Stonebowy.

Shatta, according to many is the controversial type and a ‘bully’ who wouldn’t spare anyone who dares to step on his toes.

Stonebowy however believes that their character sets them apart. As a result, he and the ‘Ayoo’ hitmaker can never be friends.

Speaking to SVTV Africa, Stonebwoy explained that although he has no grudge against Shatta wale he prefers to stick to himself rather than mingle with someone who badmouths him.

He maintained that, he and Shatta cannot be friends because they both have opposite mindsets and characters.

The ‘Bawasaba’ hitmaker was however, quick to add that he has nothing against Shatta Wale although they can’t be friends.

“If we are to collaborate and make music that’s fine but for us to be friends is not possible.  I don’t go around talking anyhow so I can’t mingle with people who behave as such.”

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