Madman preaching the word of God sighted a viral video of a madman preaching the word of God to the people of Nungua in the Greater Accra Region.

People are shocked and asking questions as to whether this man in tattered cloth holding a Bible is really an insane man or just pretending to be one just to attract the attention of the people.

In the video, this madman was seen moving from one end to the other as most of the men of God do during their street preaching.

What attracted people’s attention was his message ─he claimed Ghanaians don’t regard mad people but in actual sense, mad people act more logically than normal people.

“No matter how unstable a mental patient is, he will never make an attempt to abuse a nurse treating him, but a married man without any mental issue would not hesitate to hit his wife”, he said.

Watch the video below…




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