Not long ago reported that , controversial counselor , Reverend George Lutterodt had launched an attack on songstress Mzbel and called her all sorts of names .

However , Mzbel on seeing the video of counselor Lutterodt attacking her on social media has fired back at the counselor .

According to Mzbel she is surprised Counselor Lutterodt is calling her unemployed and that he is a beggar and a false prophet .

Mzbel revealed that she is not jobless and own her own firm that can employ counselor Lutterodt .

She added that he has been asking Father Dickson of Peace Fm  for money to buy fuel for his car anytime he sees him .

Mzbel indicated that counselor Lutterodt has begged her for money to by phone and for other purposes on several occasions .

She added that Counselor Lutterodt is a false prophet who calls some families abroad just to lie to them of a revelation which is not true .

Mzbel branded counselor Lutterodt a disgrace and that he hops from one radio station to the other just to get some ‘chicken change’ to feed his family .

Mzbel took to her instagram page to share a video expressing her disgust at Counselor Lutterodt and with caption:

“Councillor Lutterodt or whatever u claim u are…I’m the Boss of a firm that will employ your stupid grown ass when TV & Radio are done with u. And oh sir, my pumpum isn’t for old unemployed beggars like u… You need to be polished first. Bye.”




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