In Nigeria, members of the police force are not what many would describe as cool. The Nigerian youth would describe the members of the police force as rigid and strict, due to the nature of their job.

Often times, police officers in Nigeria are envisioned as men and women who might not be able to relate to the trends and popular culture.

Probably due to the nature of their job, the expectation associated with any police officer is that of scary looking man or woman whose physical appearance will get you questioning if he is for or against the law.

A Nigerian police officer identified as Ozoana Flavour has got everyone talking on social media. The police officer was spotted rapping like a professional musician.

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The police officer’s rapping video has gone viral on social media and many Nigerians can’t believe that a police officer of the Nigerian force would be as current in pop culture as Ozoana Flavour.

However, this is not the first time as Nigerian police officer would get Nigerians talking. had earlier reported that a female officer got many talking over her looks, it was said that she might be the most beautiful female police officer in Nigeria.



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