Some few weeks ago there were speculations that the CEO of Rufftown Records , Bullet was caught in bed with songstress, Wendy Shay by girlfriend .

This incident happened a day before the release of Wendy Shay’s hit song ‘Bedroom Commando ‘ .

Many thought this was just to promote or hype the songstress’ upcoming song but current video circulating on social media says otherwise .

In an audio-visual , there were heated arguments between Bullet and girlfriend .

In the audio , the furious girlfriend of Bullet attacked Wendy Shay and quizzed why the latter was sleeping with her boyfriend .

Wendy Shay tried to explain to her that she was just sleeping but to no avail.

According to the girlfriend of Bullet , why will Wendy Shay sleep ‘nakked’ in a man’s room .

The lady in the audio could be heard saying that she decided to pay Bullet a surprise visit and unfortunately caught them ( Bullet and Wendy Shay ) in bed together .

The lady also stated that she once caught Bullet and the late Ebony in bed together but he apologized and promised not to repeat that .

Bullet was heard yelling at the girlfriend to stop what she is doing because he doesn’t like that .

The lady also accused Bullet of physically assaulting her anytime there is a problem and threatened to report Bullet to the Police this time .

Listen to the audio below and in due course we will provide you with the video .

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