When divine forces command Shepherd Bushiri’s followers to jump they ask ‘how high?’

A clip currently going viral on social media shows the incredible ability that Malawian charismatic pastor Shepherd Bushiri has to throw his congregants through the air with a single gesture.

The prophet is seen speaking in tongues before sending worshipers flying by just raising his right arm.

While the prophet himself would probably suggest that his powers come from a divine place, some on social media have a different interpretation.

“The level of acting here is magnificent!” said one commentator.                                              In particular, the gentlemen on the far right of the front row appears to put an impressive amount of energy into his leap of faith.

Bushiri’s Enlightened Christian Gathering Church is massively popular. The preacher has millions of followers across Southern Africa.

In April, it was reported that Bushiri is apparently making so much money from his churches in South Africa that he is able to send R15 million a month back to Malawi.

They allege the money leaves in vehicles including his private jet.

At the time, the Hawks confirmed that they had been investigating the pastor for money laundering, but cautioned that the case was in its early stages and could not divulge or confirm any details.

Watch Video below:



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