Two ritualists who attempted strangulating their client one Richard Kokoroko  to death because they failed to perform their part of the bargain by doubling his money for him have been arrested by Suhum Police Patrol, can report.

Suspects Solomon Awornor, Ebenezer Numedor one Nana Obaatanpa currently at large investigators revealed to, were reported to have deceived their client, put him in a taxi cab and drove him out of town, attacked him and attempted to strangle him to death.

According to the facts of the matter, the suspects deceived their victim[Richard Kokoroko]  and he gave out his 32 inches digital TV set and a Kente cloth all valued GHS3,300.00 to them under the pretext of doubling his money for him.

That after collecting the items, suspects made a  new demand for money before they could double the money for him but he could not raise the money.

He rather demanded his TV set and Kente cloth to be returned to him but the suspects refused.

When he insisted, the two suspects devised a plan to have him killed only to be saved by two taxer drivers who passed by at the time and later the Police Patrol team also arrived at the scene and arrested the suspects.

A search was conducted in the rooms of the suspects’ shrine and two boxes containing fake Ghana cedis notes of various denominations were found.

They are expected to be processed for court soon after investigations and will be provisionally charged with Defrauding by false pretences, attempted murder and forgery of Bank notes.


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