In Africa, the death of someone be it a relative, friend, acquaintance or even a stranger, more often than not marked with sorrow, tears, sadness and grief.

The bearers of such ‘heavy’ news find different means of breaking the death of someone in ways that would always minimize the pain that is felt from the loss.

This has been in case in many parts of Africa and probably other parts of the world and it would be quite bizarre to witness something else apart from the gloomy atmosphere surrounding the mention of death. has however sighted a funeral poster of a young lady who passed away at the age of 28 and it appears the reaction to the rather sad news, was met with what appeared like relief.

The funeral poster of one Madam Mary Naa Korshie Lamptey, had an inscription which sought to suggest that her death was divine and an intervention from the powers that be.

The poster which was spotted by had the inscription, “Finally God has spoken”.

It is yet to be ascertained if the family members of the deceased were the ones responsible for the poster or it was the work of the late woman’s enemies.

The poster was hoisted and tied to a story building for all to see and it left social media users in shock and disbelief since no one welcomed the death of someone in that manner.

Many internet users, after sighting the poster, took to the comment section to inquire about the death of the lady and also find out why the poster was captioned that way.

One social media user on Facebook, Charles Boadu Debbrah , who appeared dumbfounded over the poster quizzed, “God has spoken about what?”

Another user on Facebook, Francis Komla Agbley, commented, “Why, how many times did she die”

Emmanuel Kwesi Nyame, also asked if some people were waiting for the woman to die, “It’s like they want her to die or what?”, he wrote.

Ostus Brempong wanted to know if the lady in question possessed an evil spirit, “Ahhhh 28yrs and what are they saying GOD HAS SPOKEN!,ahhhh why ,was the lady a witch?”, he asked.

The issue of death comes just after reported a story indicating that top gospel act, Gifty Osei was mourning the loss of her ‘son’.

Death in Ghana is not treated lightly and it is characterised by a lot of wailing, tears, grief and lavish final funeral rites.



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