A court in Ras Al Khaimah – the northernmost emirate of the United Arab Emirates known for its Arabian Gulf beaches –
found her guilty.

The sentencing follows a lawsuit filed by her husband at the court claiming the convict had gone through his phone and copied all the data to another device in order for a thorough viewing later.

Some of the data the convict is accused of copying included photos and charts, with the intention of showing them to her siblings.

Though she claimed to have gotten the consent of her husband to search through his phone after he had cheated on her, the court still pronounced her guilty.
Spying on a partner’s phone and contents is criminal in UAE and could land offenders in jail for 25 years, following the issuance of new cybercrime laws by its president, Sheikh Khalifa in August.

Per the laws of that country, couples need permission to handle each other’s phone, let alone copy its contents.

The ruling has sparked mixed reactions among social media users. While some believed the woman has breached the laws and must duly suffer the consequences, others were of the view that it was the husband whose own actions gave the convict room to be suspicious.


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