A 27-year-old Toronto woman has been charged with pretending to practice witchcraft.

In Canada, it is actually legal to practice witchcraft, but if you are pretending to be a witch,
pretending to practice witchcraft
you may be punished.

That was the case for Samantha Stevenson, who went by the alias Evanna Lopez while pretending to be a sorceress.

Police believe the woman was a fake enchantress because of her contact with a 67-year-old man in 2014. She informed the man that his home was full of evil spirits and then encouraged him to sell the house and transfer the money into her account. Stevenson, posing as a psychic, said she would hold on to the money until the spirits were eliminated.

Police say that Stevenson never returned the money and that she went on to demand another $6,000 in cash. She promised to burn the $6,000 to ward off the spirits. In total, the man allegedly lost more than $600,000.

After an investigation, police charged Stevenson with pretending to practice witchcraft, fraud or more than $5,000, and possession of property obtained by crime.

Naturally, those who heard of the news were shocked that “pretending” to be a witch was a crime but that it’s perfectly legal to be an actual witch.


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