Ghanaian highlife musician, Kofi B has said the church established by Ofori Amponsah has turned into a beer bar.

The musician told Prince Dadzie aka Mr Handsome that, his colleague was not called as he claimed.

In his view, if Ofori Amponsah was truly called, he would not have abandoned the work of God and come back to do highlife music.

He also made claims that Ofori Amponsah established his church because of tithing and offertory that comes with church management.

He quizzed: “why should some one called by God, abandon God’s work and come back and do highlife music? What wrong has God done to you to give up his work?”

He made reference to Pastor Mensa Otabil, Tackie Yarboi and others who are still serving God. ‘’Ofori Amponsah was not ordained or called by God to serve as a pastor.

He ordained himself. He rushed in becoming a man of God. He was not called. He established his church because of the offertory and the tithes. I never seen men of God abandon their work.

The likes of Otabil and Tackie Yarboi are still working for God,’’ he said.

He insisted the musician failed in that regard because the work of God are for men with integrity and spiritually strong but Ofori Amponsah, from what happened, failed the integrity test as a man of God.

“The church is now operating as a pub where people go there to drink and engage in all kinds of activities.

Why should a church be turned into a pub? God will surely come and judge us according to what we did on earth.”

Ofori Amponsah, who stunned the world with his born again confession more than five years ago, came under heavy criticism over the decision to make secular music again, with the release of Alewa, a collaboration with Sarkodie.

He founded the Family of Faith and Love Ministries after his confession.

Source: rainbowradioonline


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