Chikel was called on Oasgyefo fm 106.1 Drive time by Diijay Omega to explain if she has any personal problem with Yaa Jackson and as to why the kumawood actress cum musician Mame yaa Jackson daughter of Legendary movie producer Jackson k Bentum on social media insulted her as ugly girl with no talent!

I saw those post late but am told she has come out to tell the account was fake and she is not the one who did that lucky enough she did because when I saw the post I said to my self
” who is deceiving this girl? If some of us were born to the kind of family she grew up in like we won’t need mirror to check ourselves before we step out! If today money is making her beautiful fine but she should remember beauty is not a talent no matter how beautiful she think she is she can never be a talented musician as I am you can buy beauty yes but you can’t buy talent! No matter how she hate on me or insult me that won’t let my God given talent be transferred to her! ”

But once she came out to rebuke that the account was fake I have forgiven her

Source: Fii De Dablogger


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