Relationships have different feelings. Even the best relationship are often characterised by negative feelings at one point or another. Emotions can be used to determine how exactly one feels when in true love.

Here are four emotions you feel when your relationship is real.

1. Uneasiness

Most people feel unease when dating. He or she will act out of the normal because of the powerful feeling within them. Uneasiness shows more than love. It is the duty of a man to ensure no one tempered with the feelings.

2. Nervousness

It is normal to feel nervous when you are in a relationship. You will feel goose bumps whenever you think about your love. The feeling will keep reminding you about the good times and things you shared with the love of your life.

3. Sorrow

There are times you will feel sorrowful in your relationship. The sadness can be brought about by different things including what transpired in your life in the past. The past memories can leave you sorrowful over time.


There are different things that can make us feel uncomfortable. The challenges in our daily lives can leave us feeling discomfort.  The best way to deal with this is ensuring there is communication between you and your partner.



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