Weed legalization has become a heated argument in Ghana as many popular personalities have demanded it legalization in the country.

Many people aside the health effects on Marijuana have called for its legalization base on the claim that it will boost the country’s economy.

However, the current government together with the previous ones never find any reason to notice the cries of these citizens, that’s to legalize the harmful substance.

Shatta Wale

Now, another famous personality to tag himself on the wall of weed legalization is dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale.

In a video spotted by, the Gringo hitmaker is calling for Ghanaians to endorse the legalization of the ‘herb-drug’.

Shatta Wale advices citizens in the country to make a trip to Amsterdam and see how people there smoke weed on the streets without been arrested.

He added that weed shops are around corners on the streets of Amsterdam but the police refuse to make an arrest, and can even ask for lighter from a police officer to light your weed.

The SM boss further tagged Amsterdam as a civilized and developed country as he charges Ghanaians to allow every individual to live freely in the country.

Watch the video below…

Shatta Wale as a dancehall artiste has been tagged as controversial in Africa but he reveals in the video that he is like the ‘golden rule,’ if he never gets attacked, there is no way he will also attack anybody.



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