The incessant deaths on the Madina-Adenta highway keeps increasing as another pedestrian got hit by a speeding vehicle around the Adenta barrier a few moments ago.

The victim, reportedly a woman, died instantly as she was trying to cross the road near the ‘uncompleted’ footbridge at the West African Senior High School (WASS).

This has led to a protest by the youth in the area as they are burning tyres on the main road to block cars from accessing the route.

Residents of Adentan have been protesting the lack of footbridges on the road over the past few weeks.

Two people have been knocked down on the stretch in the last two days, a situation which has angered the residents, who say over 190 lives have been lost in the past year.

According to the residents, such deaths have become a common occurrence due to the lack of footbridges.

The police and personnel from the Ghana Fire Service are currently at the location to enforce law and order.


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