What was supposed to be a memorable day for a bride who was readying herself for a wedding ceremony turned out to be her nightmare as the first wife poured a gallon of palm oil on her wedding gown.

The incident happened moments before the bride was being ushered into the Altar of prayer Gospel Ministry where she was set to exchange marital vows and officially become the second wife of a renowned businessman.

According to an eyewitness, the man had gone to an Apostolic Church for the wedding but was thrown out on the basis that his decision to take a second wife was against the doctrines of the Church and what has been enshrined in the Bible.

He, therefore, made arrangements with the second church to tie the knot where drama broke out leading to the bride’s gown being soiled with palm oil but nonetheless the wedding came off.

“True life story. A man went to Apostolic Church at Orji in owerri North to wed his second wife, but the church rejected him. On the day of the wedding 25th been on Sunday, the first wife came and poured red oil on the second wife’s wedding gown. I was there life. All these ministries, make una take una time. Just because of money, you want to go against the word of God.”, the source revealed.


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