After claiming to be the dancehall king in Ghana, Shatta Wale has again proved he doesn’t deserve the title as argued by a section of the public.

In the music industry, freestyle is one of the numerous things which are normally used to measure artistes talents. The truth is some artistes are very good at it while others are the vice-versa but as a dancehall king, every one expects Shatta Wale to be good at it. It’s therefore disappointing to see him struggling and saying nonsense when he was asked to give a freestyle on such a big international platform.

Often than not, artistes are required to give a freestyle after interviews and that’s exactly what Shatta was asked to do after his interview on BBC Xtra in UK. Well, I believe you’ve already seen the weak and ‘nonfa’ lines he said in the video but read what social media has for Shatta for demeaning and disgracing Ghana




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