A Chinese company is currently under the spotlight after its staff were forced to drink urine for failing to reach certain targets.

Footages circulating in the media show some of the workers drinking urine and being whipped in addition.

According a report by, the staff were handed such inhuman treatment after ‘failing to reach their sales targets’.

The firm is reportedly a decorating company based in Zunyi city, in southwestern Guizhou Province.

Further reports suggest management was disappointed in the workers that they were ordered to eat cockroaches as another form of punishment.

The video shows cups of yellow liquid being picked up by the staff, as two employees hold their noses as they down the cups in front of everyone else.

The workers formed a queue and took turns to receive their punishments as others were also subjected to whips.
Meanwhile, three management staff, surnamed Guo, Cai and Huang, had been arrested pending investigation.

This was confirmed by the Zunyi police after public outrage when the video went viral.
Some other staff were reportedly made to have their heads shaven as punishment.

“Everything was normal in the beginning.
“Then they started hiring motivational speakers and things became really twisted, ” a former employee who spoke on condition of anonymity said.


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