AMG Business boss,Criss Waddle has revealed some concealed facts again about his two years relationship with Ghana’s star actress Yvonne Okoro.

The “biegya” crooner in a latest interview talked about his past relationship, new music and his eminent AMG Concert.

The Letter To Yvonne Okoro rapper explaining the relationship between them said;

No, we are just friends. I feel people are jealous we are friends. I once wrote that she was my crush. Sandrah Ankobiah is her friend and Sandra is my cousin and that’s how come we became friends. We are just friends.“

Asked if he bought a car for Yvonne Okoro, Criss revealed

“I felt I had an E Class and she saw it and she was inspired to get it. She wouldn’t be annoyed if I told people I bought her car, that’s if I bought her a car. Yvonne has money. I was tormenting her with my car so she bought her own car. She runs her own business. She motivated me to go into properties. She is into Law, properties and more so she also inspires me.“ He added.

Criss Waddle also hinted to the interviewer of releasing a new smash single soon.


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