The Idibala Challenge( Collapsing dance) is the wide spreading dance video all over social media now

You’ll see grown ups and even children falling and rising while listening to a song titled “Malwedhe“.

Well, a lot of people have been wondering where this new madness is coming from?

Well, this new Idibala Challenge or collapsing dance craze all started from South Africa – Limpopo.

Just like Patapaa’s One Corner dance, the collapsing dance is a special dance meant for Malwedhe a song composed by South African musician, King Monada.

The dance sees fans falling to the ground at the chorus and words: kena le bolwedhe bja go idibala (I have an sickness of collapsing).

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The dance does not come from the original music video for the song, because it has no one falling in the video.

The collapsing dance craze has so far gone viral across Africa.

Observations made on social media indicates that it has taken Nigeria by storm, Kenya as well and it has grown it’s roots are growing deeply in Ghana already.

In South Africa, Authorities are worried about the side effects of the fainting dance craze.

Because some music lovers have taken it to the extreme.

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Some people are even fainting and rising why riding cars—something South African leaders are warning against.

As it stands, people are predicting that it could lead to the rise of deaths come this December, which has a lot of festivities.

We just hope it won’t cause any damage as people are predicting anyway.

Well the craze could be found in the school:

In the classrooms as while:

Construction sites:

People have taken it to the roads…

Embedded video


A thread on what King Monada is doing to peoples children, it’s fast getting out of hand 💀

232 people are talking about this

Even Nurses Eeeeiii Asem ooo

The most serious and that one we won’t tolerate is doing it while driving

Embedded video

🇿🇦minister of VENDA PEOPLE@Zero110_c63

I am not about to miss a challenge from Limpopo never

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