Kumawood actress Christiana Awuni has advised actresses to divorce their partners if they do not support their acting career.

In an interview, she said, “If you are an actress and your husband does not support your career or roles, quit the relationship or marriage”.

Christiana Awuni

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Christiana is of this view because she revealed her ex-husband was against her career as an actress and preferred she stayed home as a housewife.


Therefore, she is of the notion that actresses should look for partners who understand their role as actresses which is the only way to sustain the marriage.

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“There are young actresses who like to show a lot of skin and when that happens your partner does not agree, it will be wise to break up with your partner. If you like to show some skin and your partner does not agree, definitely one will have to go before the other”, she added.

The beautiful and well-endowed actress further stated that it will be suitable for an actress or actor to acquaint their work to their partners. “The partner has to visit the set to see how things are done to reduce insecurities. Staring at the TV and going to see things yourself are different”, she noted.

Christiana Awuni concluded that most actresses including herself who have lost their partners due to their chosen career should not be blamed

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