efia odo replies moesha
Actress Moesha Buodong broke the internet this morning after she came out with damning allegations against Efia Odo.

According to her, Efia is a holy fake madam who also sleeps with men for money, commit abortions, but yet, would pretend she’s holier than thou.

Moesha noted that she isn’t scared of her among other things.

Screenshot below her words below:

Moments after Moesha revealed all these dirty secrets, Efia Odo has replied saying that she’s living the best of life.

In her new Instagram post, the actress made it obvious that she’s not perturbed with all that Moesha has exposed and that the best of life is what she’s living.

“🗣living my best life. This chicken was really good cuz the way I was hungry ehn 🤦🏽‍♀️”

She went on singing that “I am living my best life and am ain’t gonna f*** with you hoes.

It appears Efia Odo is afraid of Moesha, so she’s acting cool.



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