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Efia Odo’s Phones and Clothes Were Siezed By Hotel Management After The Man Who F**ked Her Fled – Moesha claps Back


Moesha Boduong explained that a man took Efia Odo to a hotel room but fled after the s£x and refused to pay the hotel fee. When Efia Odo was ready to leave and the bill was demanded, she was too broke to pay.

The management had no choice but to seize her clothes and other belongings. Moesha Bodoung made this startling revelation as a payback for being mocked by Efia Odo as a cheap girl.

Moesha Boduong also revealed that a popular musician whose girlfriend is a close of Efia Odo impregnated her and had an abortion with her.

She also revealed that Efia Odo wishes to be like her and get well paid for $£x but she only gets GHS500, at best GHS1000. Moesha Boduong begged Efia Odo to stop being fake because she knows Efia Odo wishes to be like her.

It all started when Efia Odo turned her back against moesha after she featured on “S*x and Love Around The World” show with Christine Amanpour on Cable News Network (CNN) in which she recieved a lot of backlashes from Ghanaians and also Efia Odo.

Moesha who was on the show to discuss what influences some Ghanaian women to date married men to make a living contends that she funds her ‘ostentatious’ lifestyle through such activities since the acting jobs are not paying that much.

Moesha Boduong who hardly react to name calling clapped back with several exposé on Efia Odo.





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