Following the current black situation engraving the entire Ghana movie industry,A close friend of Abass, Nebu, as he’s popularly called in the Kumawood movies, has revealed the secret plan behind his death.

According to Nebu’s narration, the death of Abass per the incidence leading to his death was a planned thing by assailants who had long targeted him.

“Blinkz doesn’t walk alone because he knows the danger in certain areas, the only time you will see him alone is when he is doing something he doesn’t want anyone to know,” he said in a phone-in interview with Rashad.

Nebu further stated that Blinkz was a friend of his murderer but he withdrew himself from their gang and decided to make peace and speak against gangs who engage in violent activities.

According to the report, he was stabbed by a man he was fighting with at Sawaaba, a Muslim community in Kumasi, Ashanti Region but according to Nebu, Abass tried to separate a fight between his boss’ brother and his boss’ wife and from nowhere, his murderer who had no knowledge of the quarrel came in with a knife and stabbed him in the head and neck making him fall to the ground.

While he was still on the ground, his murderer boasted and warned those around to stay off; this made those around frighten since he was holding two knives. The Police were later called in but it was too late for Blinkz.

Abass was buried a day after the tragic incident owing to Islamic custom, digs further to the length and breadth of the situation, stay glued for for more updates.

The news of the death of Blinks is such a sad one and we are here to console and share our sympathies with the family. As you know, he is a Moslem and as it is demanded of them, he has to be buried today so the family is readying for that”, Bill Asamoah said. May his soul rest in peace, please share your comments with us below.



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