At this stage, it’s very clear that the relationship between Medikal and Sister Derby is over and another woman is in the life of Medikal, doing all the things Sister Derby couldn’t get right in the relationship.

Sister Derby confirmed she had broken up with Medikal, when she posted n*de photos of herself on Social media and someone commented that, she is posting N*des because she’s looking for a new boyfriend and Derby replied the person saying; “When I was in a relationship, I was still posting n*des”

Yes, the keyword in her reply was ‘WHEN I WAS’ which means, she’s no longer in one–Well, that’s just by the side.

Medikal is head over heels in love with Fella Makafui, and sources close to him have told and they are inseparable at this stage. Their friendship has blossomed into something else, with Fella spending most of her days in his house.
In a new video, the ‘How Much’ rapper posted on his Instagram, Fella Makafui is seen in the kitchen of the rapper cooking something delicious as a song of Medikal plays in the background.

Fella Makafui and Medikal
Fella’s ‘tundra’ is clearly visible as she was wearing a tight short skirt in the house of Medikal–Now, tell us, which woman in a serious relationship, would allow another woman to go to his boyfriend’s house and be cooking for him in short skirt? You see why we say the relationship is over.
During the period Medikal and Sister Derby dated, he never posted a picture or video of Derby cooking, because Sister Derby has  said in the past that, she does not know how to cook, something Medikal claimed he didn’t have a problem with because he could cook, so he would manage, but he was lying–He was only interested in ‘benging’ Derby, left, center and right!

But today, another woman has used her cooking skills to snatch her boyfriend from her and because Medikal is scared people would roast him, he disabled commenting on that post as well.
Well, maybe the statement that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach holds some truth in it.


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